Hang Time for Hurricane Relief


What is this??

A Mini Circus Arts and Dance Festival fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Michael, we are collaborating with Aerial Dance PC, Forma Arts + Wellness, Global Movement Project, Head over Heels Gymnastics, and many fantastic instructors from the southwest to bring you a one time only one day event with workshops and an evening Contemporary Circus Collective Showcase!  Don't miss this opportunity to learn and give for Hurricane Relief!

Schedule of Events

9 - 9:50  AcroDance (6 - 12  yrs.) with Brittany Morgan Sell

9 - 9:50 Sling Dance (10 yrs. +) with Melissa Smith

10 - 10:50  Hip Hop (10 yrs. +) with Justin and Kalista

10 - 10:50  Aerial Hoop (Sold Out) with Leisha Knight

11 - 11:50  Partner Acrobatics with Andrew Tynes (10 yrs.+)

11 - 11:50  Silks (sold out)with Jennifer Colvin

12 - 12:50  Contemporary Dance (11 yrs. +) with Whitney Renfroe

12 - 12:50  Dance Trapeze (Sold Out) with Brittany Gillespie

1 - 1:50 Dance Trapeze (beginners) with Brittany Gillespie

1 - 1:50 Aerial Hoop (beginners) with Leisha Knight

6:30 PM  Contemporary Circus Collective Showcase

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When and Where?

September 14, 2019  8:15 AM - 8:30 PM

Forma Arts + Wellness

Birmingham, Alabama

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Donate to Hurricane Michael victims


Brittany Gillespie Dance Trapeze


Brittany Gillespie is the President and Artistic Director of Aerial Dance PC.  She has extensive training in Aerial Arts through  the renowned Circus school, NECCA.  Brittany regularly teaches at Aerial Dance Festivals across the US and  has empowered numerous aerial artists with her joyful spirit, easy going and energetic teaching style.  Brittany's classes are fun and accessible to everyone!  She will be teaching DANCE TRAPEZE at the Hangtime Minifest and you don't wont to miss it!

Jennifer Colvin Aerial Silks


Jennifer Colvin is a full-time Aerial Instructor in the Birmingham area with a degree in Kinesiology from UAB, she understand fitness and the way the body moves.  Her classes are fun and accessible to students of all levels.  She has been teacher aerial acrobatics and fitness for over 5 years at Head over Heels, Aero Joes, Vertically Fit, Pole yourself Thin, and at the YMCA.  Jennifer performed Aerial Silks with the Children's Theatre in Birmingham and has performed Pole for many years.  Don't miss Jennifer's AERIAL SILK workshop at the Hangtime Minifest!!!

Whitney Renfroe Contemporary Dance


Whitney Renfroe is the owner and founder of Forma Arts + Wellness in Birmingham, AL.  Whitney had the pleasure of enjoying a professional career in classical ballet with Atlanta Festival Ballet and Birmingham Ballet. She then transitioned into contemporary dance, working as a company member for BoSoma Dance Company and SundanceX, both located in Boston, MA.  Upon moving back to Birmingham she was inspired by the growth of her hometown and its flourishing arts scene inspiring her to open Forma - a creative Space for artists in the Birmingham Area!  Don't miss Whitney's Contemporary Dance Class at the Hangtime Minifest!

Justin Woods and Kalista Kirkland Hip Hop


Kalista Kirkland has been training, teaching and performing Hip Hop for over 5 years at various dance studios and evens throughout the Birmingham area, most recently she performed at the Alabama Music Awards.  She loves watching her students grow and bring their own flavor to her Choreography.  

Justin Woods is a Hip Hop natural who formally began his teaching career in 2016 where he has worked itrelessly to master various styles by immersing himself in Birmingham's dance community.  He has collaborated with artists for events such as Art on the Rocks, Alabama Music Awards, Magic City Art Connection, and more.  He loves the connection teaching dance provides and the positive impact dance creates.

Melissa Smith Sling Dance


Melissa Smith has degrees in both Business Admin and Dance from Birmingham - Southern College, where she studied on scholarship.  She went on to dance professionally for several Contemporary Ballet companies, where she feel in love with Aerial Silks in 2011 under the instruction of both Amber Monson and Leisha Knight.  Her favorite part of teaching is encouraging positive, growth mindset ways of thinking in her students!  Don't miss Melissa's SLING DANCE workhop at Hangtime!!

Brittany Morgan Sell AcroDance


Brittany Morgan Sell is an Award Winning AcroDance performer and instructor.  Brittany spent several summers performing Acrobatics and Dance at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia.  She has since taught Award Winning AcroDance Competition Teams at Jackie O'Neal School of Dance where she, herself danced competitively as a child.  Brittany is certified in Acrobatic Arts Instruction and loves to teach!  She has a creative style that helps dancers find their Acro Feet!  Don't miss her ACRODANCE workshop at Hangtime!

Andrew Tynes Partner Acrobatics


Andrew Tynes is a well - known Partner Acrobatics instructor in the Birmingham area.  He has trained extensively with numerous renowned acrobatic schools and teaches across the Southeast!  His workshops are fun and people gravitate toward his playful style making Partner and Group Acrobatics accessible to all!  Don't miss Andrew's Partner Acro workshop at Hangtime!

Leisha Knight Aerial Hoop


Leisha Knight is a professional circus artist and instructor.  Leisha spent 8 years performing with the reputable company, Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.  She has worked with other circus companies around the world as an artist, trainer, and director.  Leisha continues to teach, judge, and perform Aerial Acrobatics across the globe in studios, at festivals, and conventions.  Don't miss her Aerial Hoop workshop at the Hangtime Minifest!

Contemporary Circus Collective


A show you don't want to miss with performers from the Southeast joining together for one night to perform a Contemporary Circus show at Forma Dance + Wellness.  The list is continuing grow but you don't want to miss Aerial Dance PC, Forma Dance Company, Head over Heals, Leisha Knight, Melissa Smith, and others from the area in a Collective Showcase created just for this occasion!  Join us and help us raise money for Hurricane Relief in Panama City!