Zoom Workshops Online

Check out my Online Zoom schedule.  This video is the Mastering Handstands Week 1 Strength training!  Join my online workshop for interactive learning, corrections, and support!  Donation based program - $40 per person suggested! 

Circus Workshops

Circus workshops available for Aerial Studios, Circus Schools, Dance Studios, Schools, Afterschool programs, Daycares, Libraries, Birthday parties, and more!  

Dance Workshops

Theatre and Dance workshops available:  Acrodance, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Theatre, Broadway, Circus, Improvisation, and Performance!


Aerial Workshops

Aerial Workshops

Aerial Workshops


Aerial Silks, Straps, Lyra, and Mixed Apparatus workshops available.

70 % of profit share or varying flat rate depending on location.

Online starting at $50

Starting at $400

Circus Workshops

Aerial Workshops

Aerial Workshops


Circus workshops vary depending on space, group size, and location.  I usually offer a fun warm - up with some dancing, acrobatics, hula hoop, basic juggling, spinning plates, and might do a little clowning.

Online starting at $50

Starting at $250

Dance Workshops

Aerial Workshops

Dance Workshops


Acrodance, Contemporary, Jazz, and Theatrical Dance workshops available.

Starting at $250


Private Lessons and Choreography

Dance Workshops


Full week Circus, Aerial, and Dance Camps available.  This is usually 4 hours per day in the morning or afternoon with a performance on the last day for family and friends!

Starting at $2000


Private Lessons and Choreography

Private Lessons and Choreography


Aerial, AcroDance, and Contemporary Dance Intensives available.  These are normally one or 2 weeks long and last 2 - 4 hours per day.

Starting at $1200

Private Lessons and Choreography

Private Lessons and Choreography

Private Lessons and Choreography


Aerial, Circus Arts, Acrobatic Private lessons and Choreography are available online and in the studio.  

Online starting at $50

In the studio starting at $80

Aerial Workshops


Aerial Puzzles

This is a fun workshop for Intermediate to Advanced level students that will challenge skill base, prompt thoughtful transitions, and invite a deeper understanding to the Aerial apparatus.  I primarily teach this workshop to Fabric and Rope students.

Aerial Sequencing

This workshop focuses on smart transitions and sequencing that maximizes time, effort, and individual strengths.  It is perfect for students ready to create an act for the first time, working on a new act, or building strength, stamina, and creativity to be ready for an act in the future!  I teach this workshop to students working on Aerial Silks, Straps, Rope, and Hoop.

The Aerial Games

This is a great presentation for students who are advancing in their practice.  It gives challenges, brain teasers, and invitations to perform and work together as a team.  I usually present this workshop/Game night for Silks and Rope students.

Strap Dance

A fun workshop for students working on Aerial Straps, it invites students to use the straps in unexpected ways, focusing on leverage, body position, and beauty.  It is great for students with a minimum of 6 weeks of work on Aerial Straps.

Performing Aerial Art

This is a great workshop to help your students step into more performance based work.  It is ideal for students with an act or who are comfortable with several sequences and ready to focus on character development, quality of performance, and story telling!  I can be taught to students on any apparatus.

Other workshops

I have other workshops available and can customize based on your school's needs.  Some examples include "Bring on Belay", "Lyra Sequencing,"  and "Characters in the Air,"  and "Ambiance Performance."   I can also teach Intro courses, Improv based work, and more.  I can help your school or studio begin an Aerial program with a curriculum that works and is focused on the areas that you want to focus on.  Please contact me and we can find the best fit for your students and your space!  (205)907-2942  or Leishmk@yahoo.com

Theatre and Dance Workshops



My Acrodance workshop is lots of fun and accessible to all types of students all ages.  Whether you currently have an Acro program at your studio or not, you should consider this for your students.  In today's Dance world, dancers need acrobatic skills to make them stand out.  This workshop/intensive builds strength, stamina, acrobatic technique and invites students to utilize their strengths to create unique and interesting movement.  We also use partner and group work to build strength and create unique pictures!

Improvisational Movement

This workshop/intensive invites students to use improvisational movement as expression of energy, communication, and emotion.  It teaches students to invite spatial awareness, listening skills, and group connection into the improvisation classroom.  

Theatrical Performance

This workshop/intensive is fantastic for dance students who need to bring an element of Performance into their movement.  It uses concepts of emotion in movement, communication, story telling, and character development to draw students out of their insecurities and find a playful way to Perform!

Contemporary , Jazz, and Hip Hop

These are more tradition workshops/intensives with warm - up, across the floor, and fun combos for your students to enjoy!  al

Musical Theatre

This workshop /intensive chooses a historical Musical Theatre choreographer and teaches the students about the choreographer and uses the choreographer's style to create a piece that students can perform if there is enough time or simply enjoy playful working on during the workshop that day.


There are other workshops,intensives, and Camps that I can offer your students.  Some examples are "Dance for Circus Artists," "Circus Arts for Dancers," "Acro Partner Dance," as well as choreography for your school's recital, theatrical show, or student showcase.  Contact me and we can customize your workshop, intensive, or camp based on your school's needs.  (205)907-2942  or Leishmk@yahoo.com


Circus Circuit Training!

Pick 10!

20 V-ups

10 regular pushups

20 tuck ups

10 push-ups elbows in

Elbow side plank hold 1 minute

20 Elbow plank rock shoulders over wrists

30 x Fold Fingers and Fists 

20 Dips with hands on a low table or chair

30 lunges

1 minute bridge hold

1 minute handstand hold

50 bridge pulsation squeezing a ball or pillow

Side plank knee to arm pit 10 x

Superman arch-ups

Hollow body rocks

Hollow body rolls, back, side, front, side x5 each way

50 squat pulsations

20 toe raises

10 press handstands

10 pull ups

10 hanging leg lifts

20 supine leg lifts

10 hanging windshield wipers

20 supine windshield wipers

Forward Elbow plank knee to tricep 10 x each side

20 side arch ups

15 Hamstring curls - heels to bum lying on tummy

50 Tiny arm circles - arms out to side

5 Back bend drop back and pull up

1 minute split hold each way

Do the workout!

Choose 10 of the exercises listed per workout, do 1 to 3 sets of each exercise. Mix them up and do different exercise combinations each time you workout!  You can always do higher numbers, add ankle weights, overspilt, etc., be creative!  E-mail me if you're not sure what one of the exercises is and I'll send it to you via video.